[clug] ADSL2+ speeds

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Feb 12 06:14:58 GMT 2009

Alex Satrapa wrote on 12/2/09 4:33 PM:

> Are you *sure* the fault is not in the cabling on your premises?

Good question.

The lead-in cable goes through the facia board, into the roof space
above the eaves and then directly down the wall to a 3-point RJ-45 plate
on the wall. Modem is then plugged directly into it.  The wall-plate
would constitute the "first phone socket", ie. it's Telstra up unto it.

The new line was installed by disconnecting cabling for Transact and
reusing connections to the wall-plate. An old link to an out-building
was disconnected by removing a weathered external connection box.

Total distance to wall-plate from entry point: 2m
Modem is connected by a std 1.2m phone patch lead.
No splitter, no other devices on the line.

I can't vouch for the Telstra cabling, and I can do nothing about it :-(

Thanks for asking. I'm pretty happy that it's not the house cabling.


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