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Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Feb 9 05:28:57 GMT 2009

steve jenkin wrote:
> Will the power flow back up the transformers?
> Are they built for that contingency?

For a general "ideal" transformer (and most are close enough), the
answer is "yes", the power could/can/would "flow back up". A
transformer is, after all, just two coils coupled with a magnetic-
flux carrying iron core. It doesn't really care which way the power
is flowing.

I would guess that most real transformers could cope with as much
power going from high-voltage side to low-voltage side as they could
with the power flowing in the other direction. The main issue is
resistance in the windings causing heat build up which de-rates the
amount of magnetic flux that the iron core can carry which will then
cause further heat buildup until something melts (or a fuse pops).


Bob Edwards.

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