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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Feb 8 08:05:54 GMT 2009

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I'm assuming a reply to the list is what you wanted here, Brad:

Brad Hards wrote:
| On Sunday 08 February 2009 07:45:56 am Paul Wayper wrote:
|> Most exercise machines sold these days just use either friction, magnetic
|> coupling or resistive loads as the 'sink' for work done.  Since Kate and I
|> are in the process of getting a solar panel system put in, and the inverter
|> can take 48VDC and put it onto the grid as 240VAC, I was thinking of
|> getting a 48VDC generator and hooking it up to some exercise system and
|> generating actual usable power while I work out.
| I think this is the part you are going to have trouble with. You need to sort
| out the interaction with the storage system and the grid-connect part. (A
| path from 240V line power to the bike isn't such a good idea...)

The plan is to stick the 48VDC at variable amperage into the input side of the
inverter - which is already designed to cope with a bunch of solar panels are
already providing fixed voltage at variable amperage throughout the day.


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