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Not sure this is the appropriate list for this but given a few might be  
Just put one on my roof. A 2kw system currently generating 12kwh/day.

On Sun, 08 Feb 2009 12:02:17 +1000, Simon Fowler <simon at himi.org> wrote:
> What are the prices and rebates on solar panel systems?

Rebates currently are about $10,000(depends on recs value).
However, this is going to drop in June, as the Government rebate goes to a  
max of $7300

A 1kw system would be about $13000 so you could virtually get in for free.
The problem is that you get about 4kwh/day on average for each Kw on your  
So a 1Kw system does not make a big dent in your usage.

On the 1/3/09 ACTEW start paying the feedin tarrif.
This means you pay approx. 13c for each Kwh you use and get paid approx  
52c for each Kwh you produce.
The 52c is a fixed feedin tariff  guaranteed for 20 years. This sounds  
good, and it is initally, but of course electricity will not be 13c in  

> Also, what are the numbers on paying for itself, and the expected
> lifespan?
On my 2Kw system  I expect to be able to cover my usage charge(which is  
why I chose it).
Given this the numbers say my payback should be about 6-7 years.

Panels are guaranteed for 20 years, but the eficiency drops off about 20%  
over that time.

> Simon


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