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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Dec 29 20:56:52 MST 2009

Many thanks to everyone who replied.
And my apologies for being so tardy in following up...

Here's the latest version with those comments folded in:

There are two questions of those who commented [reply off-list]:

- I've listed your names when I've known them.
  Your choice to be named or not.
  [Unless I hear otherwise, I'll leave things alone]

- I've quoted, without attribution and some editing, your comments.
  Happy to add attribution.
  Happy to paraphrase.
  Happy to delete entirely, too :-)
  Unless I hear otherwise, I'll leave it as is.

As always, thanks for the list's collective wisdom and feedback.
Much appreciated.

If you've more comments or links, I'm happy to add to my post.
Questions - well, I'm no expert in the area :-(
But the list knows a lot of stuff :-)

All the best for the Season.
steve j

steve jenkin wrote on 21/12/09 7:35 AM:
> If any of you have time to help (by giving some feedback), I'd
> appreciate it.
> I took some time to write down some stuff on Wireless/Mobile Broadband,
> but not having bought & used something myself, don't know if what I've
> written is worth a damn :-(
> <http://lab-notes.blogspot.com/2009/12/wireless-broadband-plans.html>
> Any of you out there that have time to correct errors/mistakes,
> provide additional comment, or
> point me a definitive page [so I replace mine with a link :-)],
> it'd be really useful to me.
> regards
> steve

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