[clug] Feedback...

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Sun Dec 20 17:59:11 MST 2009

On 21/12/2009, at 11:01 , Adam Baxter wrote:

> I used an Exetel HSPA plan until they terminated my service for being
> a "non-profitable customer" :P

That reminds me of the "Early Termination Fees" that most providers are charging these days. Sign up for a two year contract costing $480 all up, they'll sting you for $540 if you terminate the contract before the two years is up (not to mention, they automatically sign you up for a further two years if you don't opt out during the three month grace period at the end of the contract).

Their excuse is that the phone costs more than they're charging me for it - but I have to wonder how they can afford to sell me the phone if I stay on the plan for two years, then leave to a different provider.

But the moral of the story is make sure you check the conditions on those contracts, folks.  Early termination, "roaming" (in the case of at least one provider, they will charge you the 'normal rate' for data if you fall off the 3G network onto their GPRS network), "acceptable usage" and other caveats.


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