[clug] Debian Lenny DVDs?

Matthew Firth clug at matthew.matera.net.au
Tue Dec 29 03:01:31 MST 2009

Hi David et al,

Thanks to Chris Smart I now have said ISOs and a nice cup of coffee to 

Having used netinst disks before I'll second your comments on their virtues.

In defence of being one of those "bad big-disk people".... :P

1/ I'll likely be carting these onto multiple sites that do not have a
common, efficient point that I can run an apt-proxy for.  Download once &
sneaker-net beats pulling the same package set through my customers' pipes
multiple times.

2/ They're not secure sites, but rather sites that just take themselves a
bit too seriously.  The ones that think that builds & upgrades that come in
on a DVD are by some measure "better" than those that come from "that big
scary Internet"...

Thanks to everyone for their offers of help, and encouragement to find a new 
ISP ;)


On Mon, 28 Dec 2009, David Tulloh wrote:

> Matthew Firth wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > If there are any CLUG members who happen to have some Debian 5.0r3 (Lenny)  
> > DVDs (both i386 & amd64 - just disc #1 of each) and might be willing to make
> > a copy for me then I'd love to hear from them.
> >   
> I'm going to be annoying and not answer the question.  Rather I 
> recommend you go the netinst route.  The netinst disk is about 150mb and 
> then you just download the binaries that you need, which should be well 
> under a gigabyte.  You also don't have the hassle of having to manage 
> multiple disks and a good apt setup encourages you to stay up to date 
> with your security fixes. 
> If you have multiple machines and don't have access to a free mirror 
> AptProxy works well, pulls files as they are needed and stores them for 
> the other computers to access.
> There are certainly situations where the big disks are needed (eg. 
> secure environments) but I suspect most people just use netinst images 
> at home these days.
> David

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