[clug] Debian Lenny DVDs?

Matthew Firth clug at matthew.matera.net.au
Sun Dec 27 15:56:19 MST 2009


If there are any CLUG members who happen to have some Debian 5.0r3 (Lenny)  
DVDs (both i386 & amd64 - just disc #1 of each) and might be willing to make
a copy for me then I'd love to hear from them.

I have an ISP bereft of PIPE peering, and 2x4.7gb will certainly destroy my 
d/l quota...

I'd prefer to pay the pizza costs of a CLUG member (or something similar for 
a lurker like me) before trying to find a friend with peering to pull them 
down, and that before actually paying someone like linuxit.com.au $25 to 
burn+ship them....



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