[clug] Feedback...

Keith Goggin keith.goggin at bigpond.com
Sun Dec 20 16:05:38 MST 2009

steve jenkin wrote:
> If any of you have time to help (by giving some feedback), I'd
> appreciate it.
"The only caveat is Mobile Internet generally comes from a USB device 
(or via USB from your phone).
The lack of a hardware firewall means it's difficult to share a 
connection and you give up some security."

I have a bigpond 7.2 Home Network Gateway (3G9WB)

4 port Ethernet router
configurable security
runs off 12V DC with internal voltage regulator more than adequate for 
car use
can use high gain antenna for fringe area
EXPENSIVE $90 per month 5GB shaped
VOIP works OK mostly @ ~40kms near line of sight to tower (or better)

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