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Ian Munsie darkstarsword at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 14:01:54 MST 2009

> I thought about it played around with cute design elements like funky
> rectangles and colour gradients but basically the easiest way to get a high
> quality result regardless of the printer is to skip gradients and stay with
> bold blocks of single colours.  (Even the best professional print shops have
> trouble getting a smooth gradient.)

One thought I have on that matter (as an amateur) is to compromise -
don't include a gradient because as you say it probably won't come out
quite right and risks looking weird. Instead I use some noise (or
perlin noise) that simply won't matter if some of the colours are
slightly out yet still can make the design look attractive. Not too
much variation in colour or else it risks making the text hard to read
or distracting from the purpose of the document.

An example of a recent design I did incorporating this element may be found at:
Please excuse the Microsoft technology focus of that poster on a Linux
mailing list.


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