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Is it possible to put the subject in replies rather than just digest?

On 09.12.2009, at 08:52, Rod Peters <rpeters at pcug.org.au> wrote:

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>> Re: [clug] Recommended cabling person?
>> From: Chris Smart <mail at christophersmart.com>
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>> 2009/12/8 Rod Peters <rpeters at pcug.org.au>:
>>> That may not be the best topology, if they are getting a fixed line
>>> installed. TransACT hard-wire a splitter at the barge board and  
>>> run a
>>> dedicated ADSL line from there to customer's chosen location.   
>>> There may
>>> be some advantage in minimising the length of voice grade cable,
>>> particularly for ADSL2+.
>> Hey Rod,
>> Thanks for the suggestions. They are on a pre-existing Telstra line
>> and going to Naked ADSL2+ which means that the router needs to be  
>> next
>> to the phone line, which needs to be next to the phone (running off
>> VoIP).
> Cablers generally quote X dollars per run for residental jobs, so  
> they might
> as well run from a splitter in the roof/bargeboard.  Only downside  
> is the
> cost of the hard-wirable splitter (which is not huge), but ADSL2+  
> needs a
> good quality splitter anyway, according to tests conducted a few  
> years ago by
> one of the PC mags.
> This topology does not burn any bridges.  Someone can later just  
> plug in a
> splitter on the phone line, if they choose to relocate the modem/ 
> router.
>> They don't want the main phone next to the TV in the lounge room and
>> there's no other phone port in the house.
>> I also need to get their primary PC connected to the switch on the
>> router, so I just figured the easiest thing would be to run a  
>> external
>> phone cable under the floor to the computer room and do it all from
>> there.
> Disadvantage of this is that it involves more voice-grade cable and  
> connection
> blocks, all of which downgrade ADSL2+ signal and could be the  
> "tipping point"
> which puts the connection into the next lower download speed.
>> If there's a better way I'm all ears!
>> -c
> A few years ago I had discussions with a licenced cabler,  one Alan  
> Desomond,
> re cabling a small office setup.  I was happy with his knowledge,  
> general
> approach to the job and price, but circumstances intervened and the  
> job did
> not proceed.
> Can't lay my hands on his card, but ph 6241 1608 will probably  
> locate him.
> AFAIK, the licencing is federal and an ACT-based cabler should be  
> able to do
> work for Lana.
> Rod
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