[clug] Recommended cabling person?

Rod Peters rpeters at pcug.org.au
Tue Dec 8 18:50:11 MST 2009

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> Re: [clug] Recommended cabling person?
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> 2009/12/9 Alastair D'Silva <alastair at newmillennium.net.au>:
> > You could always use a matched pair of DECT handsets, with the base
> > connected to the ADSL modem (wherever it has to be connected), and the
> > second handset where they want a phone to be.
I have my DECT base in the study, but it tends to pick up a lot of hum, 
perhaps from the computer gear ?

> That's the plan, from the computer room to two other locations in the
> house. Problem is that I'd still need to run a CAT5 cable for the
> computer.. so I figure may as well just do the phone and have it much
> more convenient.
> -c

As I understand it, cablers now do wiring for voice outlets in Cat5e anyway 
and terminate same in 8 way RJ45 sockets (Cat5 is a superceded grade and not 
worth chasing).  The stuff costs them ~ 50 cents a metre so it is not worth 
stocking multiple classes of cable.  Indeed, my splitter to ADSL run is done 
in 4 pair Cat5e.  The cabler had single pair in his van but thought it more 
flexible to use 4 pair rather than save a few dollars and I had already been 
quoted a fixed price, so it made no difference to me.

If you are in doubt, consider having more than one run installed.  Indeed, for 
anyone planning on staying at the site for a while it's worth considering a 
few runs of Cat5e fanned out from near the ADSL point to each bedroom, study 
and perhaps some living areas.  The price per run might come down a little.  
May not work out any cheaper than wireless, but relatively more reliable.

If the installation is done by an ACMA licenced installer then the owner 
should be free to use any particular run of cable for POTS or LAN as they 


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