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Ok, so I'm waaay behind the times :-(
Just came across this 1994 book (US$42 on Amazon for 176pp) and Google hit a Wikipedia page first.

Does GNU, KDE, Linux or <insert your fave system/software> have similar tenets?


Book: "The Unix Philosophy" by Mike Gancarz (1994)

Plan 9, for TTGAD, had explicit design principles:

Or to quote its own doco:

> The view of the system is built upon three principles.
> First, resources are named and accessed like files in a hierarchical file system.
> Second, there is a standard protocol, called 9P, for accessing these resources.
> Third, the disjoint hierarchies provided by different services are joined together into a single private hierarchical file name space.

> The unusual properties of Plan 9 stem from the consistent, aggressive application of these principles. 

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