[clug] Graphics Driver

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sat Dec 5 00:10:49 MST 2009

Brett Worth <brett at worth.id.au> writes:

> Has anyone else had problems with their "graphics driver going down?" .
> Sounds like a serious Linux bug. ;-)

Yup.  Sure have.  Now, I might have described it in more technical terms, such
as API/ABI changes, or X crashing, but the net effect is the same: I have had
the drivers for the video card fail, resulting in poor performance and/or a
fallback to VESA or VGA[1] on me.


> All I can say is: What an idiot!

Sure is.  I mean, he doesn't even know the same jargon you do, after he has
been using Linux for six whole days!  I mean, how stupid could you possibly
be — everyone knows those terms!


[1]  ...ah, those were the days.  Good old Tseng Labs, how much nicer you were
     to hate when your awful hardware failed than the modern vendors.

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