[clug] xorg config

Francis James Whittle fudje at grapevine.net.au
Fri Aug 28 23:36:59 MDT 2009

Somewhat odd that you had to do that.  Unless you actually installed the
nvidia GLX module that shouldn't have been a problem;  Mesa is the
default GL lib on Debian (and the only one that works with intel).
You also might want to install libgl1-mesa-dri if it's not on the system
already.  libgl1-mesa-swx11 is the software rasterizer and will *not*
give you the best framerates.

Personally I don't even see why nVidia and ATi feel the need to replace
the Mesa lib without even including fallbacks anyway.  It certainly
makes testing the radeon r600/r700 drivers a pain in the rear.

On Sat, 2009-08-29 at 14:35 +1000, Mike Carden wrote:
> Replying to my own post.
> > All of which has me wondering why my friends at NVIDIA corporation
> > need to get in on the act with my intel video subsystem.
> And that was the clue I needed. It led me to do an apt-cache search
> for 'glx' which revealed that NVIDIA is not the only kid on the block
> doing glx stuff so I:
> sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-swx11
> ...which neatly removed nvidia-glx and replaced it. Now I have nicely
> spinning glxgears and 774 FPS.
> Whew. Now, what was it I started trying to do this morning?
> -- 
> MC

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