[clug] Home Firewall dedicated OS

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 18:48:46 MDT 2009

Miloska wrote:
> Check the wiki site for example configurations. Also they have
> tiktube.com for videos (some of them are very good).
> MikroTik knows QoS, there should be no problem with that.
VoIP is currently integrated in to my modem though - so if I bridge it I 
presume there is no way for the VoIP component to get back out of the 
modem in to the network - so a new VoIP box would be required...  hoping 
this is not the case though.  I know people go as far as setting up 
Asterix boxes but I'm not sure I need a private PABX at home as fun as 
that sounds.  The modem has Ethernet ports so I'm not sure if that means 
the VoIP component can get back out after bridging the modem.  And the 
wireless gateway would probably stop working too?  So I would need a new 
wireless access point?

Basically at the moment I have everything running through the modem.

But what about not bridging it and doing DHCP passthrough to the 
internal box or something, so everything still routes through the 
internal box somehow without needing to bridge the modem if it will 
break everything on the modem (VoIP and wireless).

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