[clug] Home Firewall dedicated OS

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 06:21:03 MDT 2009

~AU$70 for the cheapest version?  It looks good though.

Could be a better option than a bleeding-edge router with all those kind 
of features.

How are you finding it?

Still curious what will happen with my VoIP which is currently running 
off my modem if I choose this path.
>> Any experience with these things?  Not concerned with philosophical
>> implications of a commercial company vs puritan GPL or whatever, just
>> something that is free and works well and is relatively easy to set up.
>> --
> Although MikroTik's RouterOS is not free but very cheap. Runs on x86
> and they have own boxes as well ( http://routerboard.com/ ) with the
> OS included.
> About a month ago all my routers/firewalls are MikroTik, I'm very
> happy with them.

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