[clug] GPS on Linux

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Mon Aug 24 01:54:11 MDT 2009

Ian McLeod <ianmcleod75 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am surprised it receives so little attention - it is the only GPS
> application I could find that is actually useful for road
> navigation.  Are there any others that do road navigation?  GPSdrive
> and Tangodrive etc all use image files or something and can't do
> navigation.

There's the gosmore routing engine, but I didn't have much success with
getting it to do anything useful. It just does routing, rendering is
terrible. Apparently some versions of gpsdrive can use it, so that would
probably make a reasonably complete solution if you can make it work.

> So is much development occurring on navit?  It shows a *lot* of promise.

It certainly does show a lot of promise. It's still actively developed,
there are frequent SVN commits, IRC channel is active, there's a Trac
instance for issue tracking. Patches are eagerly accepted, as are high
quality bug reports. The source is modular and well structured, should
you be a programmer with a few hours available. :)

> And what cool gps apps and utilities have you found?

Not as many as I expected, but then I'm not real sure what I want
either. I do want Viking (GPX editor) to be a lot better, or maybe I'm
just not able to work it right.
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