[clug] Known issues with Flash/amd64 (was Re: Ubuntu encrypted file systems)

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Mon Aug 17 18:54:51 MDT 2009

Jack Kelly <endgame.dos at gmail.com> writes:


> Karmic has some pretty compelling reasons to upgrade, though:
> - automake1.11 - AM_SILENT_RULES is awesome

Is that even visible to most people?

> - networkmanager supports PEAP with GTC (ANU-Secure works!)
> - kernel mode setting is really neat to watch.
> There's a known issue with flash on amd64 machines, though, that might make
> you want to hold off until after release.

I am curious: which version of flash, and what is the issue?

I am guessing that it is the LAHF instruction set issue in the JIT compiler,
which only hits people with older machines, but if I am wrong it would be nice
to have some advance warning. ;)

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