[clug] Ubuntu encrypted file systems

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 17:12:27 MDT 2009

Has anyone had any experience with setting up encrypted file systems on 
Ubuntu or other distributions?  I am wondering if it is rocket science, 
or needs to be performed at install.  I am interested in the standard 
/var /home /tmp encryption to protect against casual theft or loss of a 
netbook or laptop of personal information.

I have turned up a few sites on the net but all seem complicated.  I am 
wondering if Karmic Koala (next Ubuntu version) will support this out of 
the box so I should wait, or dive in and do it now.

Also wondering if encryption will break suspend or hibernate which would 
really suck, as I really like the suspend to RAM working on my fancy new 
Ubuntu netbook when I close the screen.

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