[clug] [OT] Good Australian Blogs?

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Sat Aug 15 21:01:04 MDT 2009

Felix Karpfen wrote:
> This posting is based on the premise that several regular CLUG 
> subscribers have close contacts with the ANU and talk to others there, 
> whose interests are in different fields.
> My problem is simple.
> I have discovered several excellent blogs that enable me to make sense 
> of the news that comes out of the US.
> But I know virtually nothing about what is going on in Australia 
> (where I happen to live).  The news that is deemed worthy of attention 
> by the Australian media deal with either:
> - the opinions of unfamiliar experts on what the future will bring; or
> - the pirouettes of Australian politicians; or
> - crimes of violence; or
> - football.
> I feel certain that "quality Australian blogs" exist and would welcome 
> being pointed to some.

I'm a subscriber to Crikey.  Crikey is an online news organisation with 
several professional reporters.  They offer a bunch of free online 
information through their website and attached blogs but the main action 
is an email sent out daily to their subscribers.  There's a free trial 
so you can have a look, I find it well worth the subscription fee.

For news around Canberra there's The Riot Act.  They have fairly good 
coverage of ACT politics, local events and other going ons.

I think they are what you are after, though to be honest it's hard to 
picture much news that wouldn't come broadly under one of your four 


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