[clug] Neo FreeRunner repairs

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Fri Aug 14 09:26:15 MDT 2009

Adam Baxter wrote:
> Anyone around here who has good knowledge of the OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner?
> I've got one here that seems to have odd hardware problems - it won't read
> uSD cards at all. Willing to pay in beer ;)
If it's just the SD card reader that's broken then it's probably a 
problem with the mechanical contacts and fairly easy to replace just the 
card holder.

I've done some fine SMD stuff but don't currently have the equipment so 
Mike's offer of destruction is probably the better bet.

There's also an interesting electronics guy in Fyshwick on the same 
street as the retail Fyshwick post office, I'll figure out the address 
if you are interested. He mostly does work repairing mobile phones, 
faulty connectors and the like, but he'll do anything, I know he does a 
bunch of repair work on high end audio equipment. He's got a nice 
workshop, is friendly and is more than happy to suggest a work around if 
it's easier/cheaper. I'm sure he can fix it if it's fixable.


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