[clug] Neo FreeRunner repairs

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Fri Aug 14 07:06:17 MDT 2009

> Anyone around here who has good knowledge of the OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner?

Yep, and they aren't me.

> I've got one here that seems to have odd hardware problems - it won't read
> uSD cards at all. Willing to pay in beer ;)

I'm an Olde Schoole hardware tech type person. I can do valves and
paper capacitors (though I prefer not to) and I have taught people how
to do surface mount rework on fine pitch stuff that you can't
differentiate with the naked eye. Can't help with Ball Grid Arrays

All of which is to say, "Sure, give me your Neo and I will very likely
destroy it forever."


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