[clug] GPS on Linux

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 23:12:03 MDT 2009

I'll get the BU-353 - lots of information on use with Linux around... 
I'm interested in what it takes to turn a cheap netbook in to a viable 
in car navigation system - it seems surprisingly easy - even for a tech 
n00b like me.

They retail for $95 in Australia and US$35 overseas so something's amiss 
- I'll poke around some more unless someone can recommend a good supplier.

I'm a little annoyed that Google took out GPS support for Google Earth 
Linux version although there some workarounds.

David Tulloh wrote:
> Ian McLeod wrote:
>> Would something like this work ok? Both USB GPS devices. Quite 
>> accurate apparently?
>> GlobalSat BU-353 SiRF III GPS Mouse
>> Or
>> Transystem iGPS-M Pro 32 Channel MTK GPS
>> http://www.octapc.com.au/category732_1.htm
> SiRF is the market leader and generally considered the one to beat, 
> I'm not familiar with iGPS.
> It's difficult to compare consumer devices as they tend not to give 
> you any meaningful data, both of those products talk NMEA and should 
> work with Linux.
> Finding a review that's using it in the same environment and for the 
> same purposes as you would probably be the best guide.
> Ignore the channel count it's just marketing. You never get more than 
> ten strong satellites in the sky and the performance improvements 
> after about eight would be almost nonexistent.
> I would probably tend towards SiRF as the more experienced product.
> David

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