[clug] KDE fails to log in on the first attempt

Brendan Jurd direvus at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 09:36:29 MDT 2009


My laptop has been exhibiting this strange behaviour for a few weeks
now.  It's one of 3 boxes I have running gentoo with KDE4, but none of
the others have this problem.

After booting up, the laptop arrives at the KDM login screen. I put in
my password, and the screen goes to black, flickers a couple of times
and then dumps me back to the KDM login screen.  I put in my password
again, and this time KDE loads up flawlessly.

If I log out and back in again, it works fine.  The bug only shows up
on the *first* login attempt per boot.

Anyone got experience with this kind of error?  A little Googling
suggested that it's a problem with my KDE session, and I have tried
deleting various session cache files, to no avail.


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