[clug] GPS on Linux

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 22:30:26 MDT 2009

Thanks this is excellent information.

Google Earth on Windows handles NMEA compliant input data, however this 
was removed from the Linux Google Earth version.

There are some workarounds however, and at least the device should work.

I have noticed a few open source solutions that can integrate with 
commercial mapping providers like Google Earth, in addition to OSM.

I look forward to playing around with this on the new MSI Netbook.



David Tulloh wrote:
> Ian McLeod wrote:
>> Would something like this work ok? Both USB GPS devices. Quite 
>> accurate apparently?
>> GlobalSat BU-353 SiRF III GPS Mouse
>> Or
>> Transystem iGPS-M Pro 32 Channel MTK GPS
>> http://www.octapc.com.au/category732_1.htm
> SiRF is the market leader and generally considered the one to beat, 
> I'm not familiar with iGPS.
> It's difficult to compare consumer devices as they tend not to give 
> you any meaningful data, both of those products talk NMEA and should 
> work with Linux.
> Finding a review that's using it in the same environment and for the 
> same purposes as you would probably be the best guide.
> Ignore the channel count it's just marketing. You never get more than 
> ten strong satellites in the sky and the performance improvements 
> after about eight would be almost nonexistent.
> I would probably tend towards SiRF as the more experienced product.
> David

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