[clug] dist-upgrade to Debian Lenny - flagged boot problem

Felix Karpfen felix.karpfen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 16:37:52 MDT 2009

Daniel Pittman wrote:

> your best bet might be to try a Lenny LiveCD of some
> sort, and find out if you have /dev/hd? or /dev/sd?, at this point. :)

Easily doable on my setup.

One of the other partitions on my HD will have a backup (bootable) 
version of Etch before I upgrade the working version.

Thank you for the advice; now I will be ready to rename the partitions 
(in /etc/lilo.conf and /etc/fstab) if the need arises.


Felix Karpfen
Public Key 72FDF9DF (DH/DSA)

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