[clug] Experiences with netbook-remix

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Tue Aug 11 20:14:27 MDT 2009

Those running Ubuntu Jaunty on their netbooks will no doubt be
aware of the netbook-remix packages that claim to configure your
Jaunty installation to be more netbook-friendly.

My experiences on an Acer Aspire One have been somewhat less than
enthralling. Installing desktop-switcher ("apt-get install 
desktop-switcher") claims to allow me to get my original classic
Ubuntu Gnome experience back, but this is not the case, so far.
All windows now open to max size, and I can't figure out which
option to use to get the window manager to open windows (even
alerts) to their normal, less than full-screen, size. Anyone
know the answer?

Anyone else having similar experiences with netbook-remix?


Bob Edwards.

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