[clug] Remote Desktop through a MS Terminal Server Gateway

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Tue Aug 11 03:42:08 MDT 2009

On Monday 10 August 2009 21:57:46 Daniel Pittman wrote:
> On the plus side ... the TSG protocol is actually documented, and the
> details are freely available via MSDN without license[1], so if the OP
> wanted to implement a suitable client it /should/ be pretty easy.
A search for [MS-TSGU] should give you the specification. That indicates that 
it is RPC-over-HTTP (see [MS-RPCH] for the gory details)

> (Specifically, it should be possible to handle the negotiation in a
> separate application, then execute rdesktop or some other client to handle
> the RDP part, from my brief glance at it.)
I assume that you're talking about a proxy here. So it would look like
rdesktop <-> {our new proxy} <-> interweb <-> [TS gateway] <-> remote server

> Given it is a fairly thin protocol I think it would only be a few days work
> to hack something together, possibly less if you can leverage the Samba
> work, or some other DCOM implementation on Linux.
Samba doesn't yet support RPC-over-HTTP (there is some preliminary work that 
Jelmer Vernooij did in a git tree, which I've ported to a more recent samba4 
version, but it isn't even close yet). I'd be interested to work with anyone 
who'd like to work on it though, since it is really important for openchange.


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