[clug] dist-upgrade to Debian Lenny - flagged boot problem

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Mon Aug 10 23:53:54 MDT 2009

Felix Karpfen <felix.karpfen at gmail.com> writes:
> The Debian Lenny Release Notes include the following entry:
>  4.8. System boot hangs on Waiting for root file system
>  Procedure to recover from /dev/hda that became /dev/sda


> Given that only "some users" encounter this problem, what do I have to do to
> not fall into this "some user" subdivision?

Mount by label or UUID, or use MD or LVM, at which point your filesystem is
found independent of the underlying physical hardware.

Alternately, booting from the appropriate kernel and seeing what driver binds
to your hardware is probably a reasonable step.

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