[clug] Looking for a netbook

Nathan O'Sullivan nathan at mammoth.com.au
Mon Aug 10 23:39:59 MDT 2009

> Thanks - well I'm a great believer in outsourcing problems - these 
> guys quoted me around $980 for the latest 1000HE model with everything 
> confirmed working except BlueTooth - and included in that is a $70 
> charge to set up a dual boot with Ubuntu (sweet - saves hours of 
> mucking around) and they are happy to provide support (to a reasonable 
> degree I'm sure).
> Pretty tempted - if the wife doesn't flip out because I naturally 
> gravitated to the latest model.
> http://www.vgcomputing.com.au/nsintro.html
> For this price though it's getting up there with cheap laptops but at 
> least this will work properly I suppose - compared to say a cheap 
> brand name laptop.
I would recommend thinking about whether you need a model with a 
hard-drive . The SSD ones are completely silent and perhaps more robust? 
I have an Asus s101 (as I wanted something that looked a little nicer) 
and I regularly drop/throw it onto the nearby couch when I'm done with 
it. Perhaps a HDD would survive that, but I know I wouldnt risk it...

FWIW the Bluetooth works perfectly on my model, I tether it to my phone 
quite a bit while away from home. I'm a bit surprised to hear that 
bluetooth would be a problem with that newer model.


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