[clug] Open Source Project Management

Ben Nizette bn at niasdigital.com
Thu Aug 6 15:39:43 MDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-08-06 at 21:51 +1000, Ian McLeod wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to this group and look forward to meeting everyone at the next 
> meeting on August 27.


> Dotproject looks like an interesting programme management tool, and 
> there is another spin off called web2project worth investigating?

I've been running a small business for the last few years and we use
dotProject extensively.  I won't pretend it's perfect but it's certainly
helped us a lot.  Our main problem is that somehow the interface just
isn't all that intuitive.  I'm no good at GUIs so can't pinpoint it and
after a few years am fairly used to it, but getting new employees to
faithfully enter all their tasks and times tends to be a challenge.

Haven't used web2project, nor have I used a commercial solution so can't
offer a contrast there.

Would really appreciate a factual discussion on open source project 
> management, and ideally to see dotproject in action and to learn how to 
> set it up at home.

If you've got a server with a fantastico front end then setting up
dotproject is as easy as ticking the box.  I have an off-site web
hosting account with fantastico so I did that to demo the system then
once I decided to go with it, deployed it on our internal server.
Nothing really tripped me up there.

>   My wife is also quite interested in it as she likes 
> the low capital (licence) expenses associated with open source.  She is 
> actually interested to see how far she can get project managing and 
> running a business venture on open source or free software (I have even 
> heard of open source e-commerce solutions that are apparently quite good).

We use openERP for all our inventory, production, sales, CRM, invoicing,
POs etc etc.  It can do accounting too but it isn't on the list of
ATO-approved software so we still do our accounting externally.  I can't
recommend openERP enough, it works really very well.  OK so there are
some rough edges around AU localisation but hey, it's open source so I
should probably pull my finger out and fix them myself eh?

> Open source seems to have come quite a way in the broader world since my 
> first heavy forays in 1996 through to 2003.
> Oh and I am also teaching myself Bash and Python (programming in 
> general) and would like to share thoughts with people to enhance my 
> learning :-)  One project I have in mind if it's possible

Anything's possible!

>  is an open 
> source insurance asset tracker to file away receipts and information on 
> assets in case of disaster or theft - for personal and business use.

I've been meaning to look in to document management systems like this as
well.  Never got the time - let $LIST know if you find (or write)
anything good!

> Cheers and nice to meet you all :-)


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