[clug] lightweight tool for creating PDA-style Apps

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Aug 6 00:36:11 MDT 2009

Robert Edwards wrote on 6/8/09 2:26 PM:

> Sounds good. Any example apps that can do this on a PDA? In particular,
> a Symbian O/S based mobile phone?

BTW: Anyone know PDA developers around town?
Could we get them along to a meeting (main or PSIG)??
See if they can talk about developing on Linux or non-Winders :-)

> How does the web browser communicate with the script - using a TCP/IP
> connection to localhost, or am I missing something more obvious?

Exactly :-) Not missing anything.


The PSION I am pining for, became Symbian :-)

Don't have any examples - I am looking to use a netbook as a PDA
replacement, and so use a full Linux distro.

Does Symbian have any scripting tools?
It has 'Open C' and 'Symbian C++' (paid?).

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