[clug] _more_ heads up for those going to Jaunty... (Mouse buttons)

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Wed Apr 29 05:38:58 GMT 2009

Andrew Janke <a.janke at gmail.com> writes:

> If you (like me) use a left-right click on the mouse to emulate middle
> button (wheel) as you are sick of inadvertently scrolling then you are
> going to want to do something like this in xorg.conf


> To turn it back "on". Mind you if you do the above you are considered
> naughty these days as such things are supposed to be handled by hal.
> So instead you should do something like this:

[... the manual way ...]

> And then uplug and replug your mouse and pat yourself on the back for
> not having to restart X to make it all work again.
> There may well be another way to do this via the hal device manager or
> the likes but this was fun too.

Under KDE[1] the process is:

1. Open up the "mouse" control panel.
2. Select "left handed".

This is more or less the process envisioned by the X folks, also, in
which responsibility for configuration is handed over to sensible tools
that make it easy to configure things.

This is how I configure my keyboard[2], and it works nicely.  The mouse
stuff certainly supports the left vs right handed settings.

Apparently KDE4 doesn't expose the "disable the mouse wheel" part,
though, so wishlist bugs might be appropriate. :)

Anyway, I /presume/ that GNOME has something similar floating around
somewhere that you can use to apply these settings.  Certainly, this is
generally easier than the manual process. :)


Eventually, with luck, there will be an option to apply these settings
as the global defaults, also.  One day, or something. :)

[1]  I checked 4, but 3 had the same features.

[2]  Debian also ensure that the kernel keyboard map is the default map
     used by X; Ubuntu presumably do something similar.

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