[clug] Re: Yubikeys - group purchase? (linux Digest, Vol 76, Issue 44)

Miles Goodhew mgoodhew at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 00:50:47 GMT 2009

Hey ho,
	OK, I've received interest from enough people for 10-ish keys. I  
might order 15 this coming weekend unless there's a significant spike  
in interest before then. In this volume, the price looks like it  
might be about AU$30-ish/ea (final price may vary). N.B. I plan on  
breaking-even on the cash deal & disregarding labour/time costs.
	No one's volunteered to run the gig, so you get the second-rate  
service from interstate that I provide. Three cheers to Dale Shaw for  
volunteering to be "CLUG mule".
	All people who've requested keys get their allocation first - then  
any more they want from any surplus - then general CLUGgers - then I  
flog the rest on eBay for vastly inflated prices (or give them out as  
last-minute Christmas presents).

Thanks for the interest.


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