[clug] Head up for those thinking of Ubunty Jaunty with older ATI cards

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 04:11:31 GMT 2009

> Can't talk to the older cards, but the evil propriety ATI drivers that can be
> installed via Jaunty cause xorg to leak memory like a sieve. 1.3Gb RSS was the
> worst I've noticed it gobble.
> I was getting about 1 - 1.5 days stable between reboots - eventually X would
> ... not stop, but have to be pushed to repaint the various windows.

With you there. This is why I have sworn to go with the lesser of the
two evils and get a laptop with an nvidia chip in it next time. I have
lived with various incarnations of the fglrx drivers from sarge ->
Edgy -> Hardy before dumping them from the ati/radeon driver for
intrepid and jaunty.

If we are all listing our favourite PPA's here is one from a fellow
Canberan (Michael Lamothe) for me-tv. A kick-butt little app for those
who just want to watch me-tv on me-computer without fuss.


I am still to get my rear into gear and make use of my PPA.


with this lot:


One day...

<sigh!> :)

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