[clug] debfoster..

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 11:17:10 GMT 2009

2009/4/27 Paul TBBle Hampson <Paul.Hampson at pobox.com>:
> apt-get itself has also grown automatic-installation dependency
> tracking, but I still use deborphan for tracking down things I might
> have pulled in by hand or transitional packages which aren't
> automatically installed.

<tick> I am a chronic "I wonder what that package does" type.

Which means that I am now in the habit of not upgrading distributions
when they come out and instead rely on my handy-dandy
list-o-portant-packages that I _try_ to keep up to date. Instead I:
clean install, run shell script to make everything "like I want it".

On this note, given the amount of ~/.xxxxx cruft that seems to
accumulate these days I have often though about doing the same for my
home dir. I _used_ to know what everything in there did back in the
debian sarge+mwm days...


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