[clug] Beginners in CLUG

keith sayers keiths at apex.net.au
Sat Apr 25 02:34:42 GMT 2009

On Thursday 23 April 2009 12:44:17 Rod Peters wrote:

> FWIW, our experience within PCUG Linux SIG is that a large proportion,
> perhaps the majority, of beginners don't persist with Linux.  Difficult to
> say why, in the absence of much feedback, but I suggest many aspects, often
> boiling down to "comfort zone".

	FWIW - I did persist with Linux but not with the PCUG Linux SIG because I 
found their meetings to be anything but for beginners.  One I went to was on 
how to link up a television with Linux - something way beyond anything I will 
ever want to do.  Individual members were helpful - including Rod himself - 
and since then I have found two more such - Brian and Daniel - via this CLUG 
the former of whom is still trying patiently to help me to get a modem 

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