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Felix Karpfen fm_27.ka at webone.com.au
Sat Apr 25 02:56:51 GMT 2009

* Keith Goggin <keith.goggin at bigpond.com> [24.04.09 16:22]:


>PS I've always assumed the CLUG list was 'closed' because my (few) posts seem 
>to take some hours to appear on list and I thought the delay was due to the 
>need for approval by the list administrator. Can anyone explain?
>Posted 16:22 hrs

The mysteries of Linux are endless.

I have a daily (manual) routine for my 30-minutes online activities (because I am not smart enough to write a script).

Steps in the routine include:

1. logging on - which automatically sends mutt-created-emails that were queued by exim4;

2. opening the "Opera" browser - which automatically download RSS feeds;

3. using "fetchmail" to collect my incoming emails and empty my mailbox.

I sent an email to CLUG - written on "Fri, 24 Apr 2009 09:18:14 +1000" but only sent after logging on to the Internet on Apr 25 07:35:51; it was downloaded by fetchmail less than  2 minutes later.

And - despite sleeping on my email overnight before sending it - I found the answer to my posted suggestion a few minutes after sending the email.

The "headers-only" of the "clug postings" can be retrieved from "gmane.org.user.groups-clug".  Non-subscribers could also post via that newsgroup.

I now need a good reason for remaining a bona-fide subscriber to CLUG.

Felix Karpfen

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