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I'd be happy to give some beginner talks, although I'm not well versed in


2009/4/25 jm <jeffm at ghostgun.com>

> This raises an interesting thought:
> Would anyone be will to give an introductory talk on how useful Linux is in
> getting everyday tasks done, aimed at the beginners level, at the end of
> which distro CDs are handed out with the contact details, meeting times and
> locations of a beginners group to help them with the install process? This
> would be a good event prior to holding on install feast it raise awareness
> of Linux and counter any negative image which the audience may hold.
> Another thought unrelated to the first: There quite a few schools around
> town which are "teaching computer skill" to primary age children. The
> trouble is from what little I've seen, what a friend's son is learning, it
> consists of indoctrination in M$ Word and associated products. As you can
> image there's quite a few problems with this even if you ignore this
> philosophical implications. I'll leave this thought at this point to avoid
> needless ranting about bias, short sightedness, creating future M$ customers
> at govt expense, costs to parents,  etc :-).
> Jeff.
> Ian Bardsley wrote:
>> G'Day David
>> I well understand your frustration with regard to typing commands into a
>> terminal to solve a problem without having the remotest idea what those
>> commands are doing. However, rest assured, that understanding comes over
>> time.. In my experience of the Linux learning curve, everything you read
>> adds a snippet to your understanding of what various commands are doing and
>> persistence with Forums, the manual and magazine articles etc will develop
>> your confidence to explore the functionality of this operating system.
>> On many occasions I have made use of the collective wisdom that is CLUG in
>> situations where I had been unable to gain understanding of an issue
>> standing in the way of my progress from other sources and I believe that is
>> the role of a user group.  There really isn't a formal education path
>> available to layman PC users wanting to use Linux but there are a million
>> experienced users out there in the http land who are more than happy to
>> share their knowledge.  You can always ask them for an explanation of the
>> solution they may have provided to a problem.
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Cheers! Lana

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