Caching downloaded APT archives (was Re: [clug] BigPond Linux Mirror)

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Sat Apr 25 00:26:34 GMT 2009

David Cottrill <cottrill.david at> writes:
> 2009/4/24 Karun Dambiec <karun at>
>> I have been using it for quite a while, and it appears to be up to
>> date.  I assume it is not included in your quota of downloads.
> It isn't - downloaded several DVD distros on a 1GB plan.  Just noticed
> it's an apt-get repo...I'll be switching my sources.list over asap
> By the way, for all the Debian based distros I highly recommend
> apt-cacher.  It is much easier than setting up a full local
> repository.

Ick.  I don't, based on experience.  apt-cacher has an awful tendency to
get itself into a confused or corrupted state, as well as a set of all
to regular hangs or long delays.

apt-cacher-ng, a separate codebase with the same goal, is (in my
experience) vastly more stable and trouble-free.


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