[clug] [FOR SALE]: Well actually for free

Nemo clug at nemo.house.cx
Tue Apr 21 16:06:35 GMT 2009

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 09:36:44AM +1000, Tony Breeds did utter:
> I find I have a variety of Computer books and hardware that is surplus to
> requirements.  So I'll park up somewhere near DCS and have a car-boot give-away.
> Normal style you want it you got it.
> Too much random stuff to detail here, To the best of my knowledge, apart from
> one system (dead PSU [I think]).
> Anything that doesn't go will likely end up in landfill, well the books will be
> donated to Lifeline.

must... resist... urge... to... packrat. 

Especially since I'm moving interstate in a few weeks, so I'm gonna try
and make it to what will be my last chance for a long time to hit CLUG.

and as an aside, the meeting is on the day I turn 2^30 seconds old ;)


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