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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Apr 21 11:45:48 GMT 2009

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Robert Edwards wrote:
| Andrew Janke wrote:
|> Hi all,
|> Last weekend I got all industrious and made a digital photo frame from
|> a "spare" 19" widescreen LCD, a few chunks of (black painted) wood and
|> some clear gloss painted white laminex sheeting.  The plan was to run
|> the thing via a link to main machines photo dir running Ubuntu.
|> So two options (that I can think of):
|>    1. Micro-plug-computer type thing running either from a wireless
|> network or a plug.
|>   2. Wireless monitor extender.
|> Anyone happen to know of a #2 that will work under linux or are they
|> fairly platform independent?
| Didn't bother too much about "framing" the LCD panel - it just hangs
| on the wall like a flat panel TV. A nice wooden frame could improve
| it, if I did it right... I also need to sort out hiding the power
| and VGA cables...one day...
| Don't know much about wireless monitor extenders. Pushing VGA/XVGA
| over a wireless link is gonna hurt some, I'm thinking (on the other
| hand, pushing JPEGs or other compressed images might work fine). How
| expensive are those things?

OTOH, what might make sense is one of those USB-to-VGA dongles that acts as
another screen.  I have no idea whether they work in Linux or not, but a USB
cable is good for five metres at USB 2.0, more if you go through a hub or two
or get a powered extender cable.


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