[clug] scp alternative

George Bray georgebray at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 04:39:41 GMT 2009

I need to build a system that copies lots of compressed files (video)
around between different hosts, so scp sounds like the obvious choice.
 The files, however, are quite large and I'd rather not be wasting
resources compressing and encrypting them for the journey.

scp can be set to omit compression, fine, but encryption will still
occur from what I can see.

Does anyone know of an alternative solution where I get the
client/host authentication of ssh, but don't get the CPU overhead of
encrypting and compressing the payload?

PS - I'm trying to avoid fileshares/mounts for robustity over long times.

George Bray, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

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