[clug] Possible collaboration in Linux Embedded Programming sphere

shkel at pi-consult.by shkel at pi-consult.by
Fri Apr 10 11:25:09 GMT 2009

Possible collaboration in Linux Embedded Programming sphere

Dear Sirs

Please, do not consider this message in quality of SPAM dispatch, and
allow me to access to your address on serious base of business approach.
The main my goal and objective is that Pi-consult offers your company or
business entity the IT-outsourcing Software Engineering for the effective
utilization of Embedded System Computing especially by using Linux (Open
Source Programming).

The successful previous operational experience and professional skills
allows our company to carry out effectively the most difficult projects
utilizing software development and its implementation, even what on those
or other reasons from outside of customer are in a critical stage.
Therefore I am thankful in advance for possible reply and interest in
Pi-consult services. And keep me informed, please, about your primary
making decision.

If you need in such IT-services and have additional questions to company
named Pi-consult so at this case, please, do not hesitate to contact me to
get the concrete explanations and specifications. I look forward to
hearing from you and I hope that you will be interested in the terms
mentioned above. Thanks in advance. BR.

Yours faithfully
Viktor Shkel
Chief Marketing Officer for www.pi-consult.by
Tel: +49 (0) 721 20 12 51 951   ;   +375 172 92 41 13
Mobile: +49 (0) 173 8000 751   ;   +375 299 137 047
E-mail: shkel at pi-consult.by

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