[clug] Android developer phones?

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Thu Apr 9 06:10:38 GMT 2009

Apart from the battery life your happy with it then?

Yeah, I'm curious about developing with the phone too, but doubt I'll 
have time to get past "hello world".

Someone off-list pointed me to 
http://developer.android.com/guide/developing/device.html  which seems 
to be the most current pricing available. I was hoping someone had 
bought one recently or could find a link to the checkout page.

A the moment it looks like

 Membership    USD   25
 Dev phone      USD 399
 Shipping         USD   50    ( a guess by daniel at dawnstar.id.au off list)
sub total            USD 474
conversion rate        x 1.41
Total   AUD             668.34

worst case.


Ben Coughlan wrote:
> On 09/04/2009, at 3:23 PM, jm wrote:
>> Starting to look seriously at getting a Andriod based phone, but 
>> prefer to see one in the flesh first. Anyone with an Andriod based 
>> phone going to tonight's psig talk?
>> To any andriod based phone owners in general:
>> * Where did you buy your phone from?
> Optus shop in Woden.  I think Telstra has just started to offer it as 
> well.
>> * Is it the Dev version?
> No.  The only difference I'm aware of, is that the dev version allows 
> root access to the OS.  People have been able to jailbreak non dev 
> phones.
>> * Had any problems with it?
> Not so much.  It has crashed and rebooted on me once.  Still beats my 
> old Nokia E65.
>> * How much did it end up costing you (in AUD please)?
> on contract for 24 months on a $59 cap + handset repayments of 
> $13.64.  I don't think you can buy it outright (unless you get a dev 
> phone).
>> * Over all impression?
> I'm pretty happy with it.  Touch screen and menu navigation is very 
> responsive.  It does require a gmail account to link with.  The 
> battery life can be iffy.  It charges completely in about 2 hours, but 
> that will only last about 24 hours.  Of course turning off things like 
> wifi and GPS make a very large difference, as does your frequency of 
> use, web browsing etc.  I personally love having SSH capabilities on 
> my phone :)
>> * Anything else?
> Developing applications for it is interesting.  I haven't done much 
> with other mobile platforms, but it is certainly easy and logical.  
> The SDK allows for very easy interaction with the device itself.
> It does not support tethering!  I always used my old phone as a modem 
> for my laptop, unfortunately google is still figuring out where they 
> stand in terms of the telcos terms and conditions.  Jail breaking the 
> phone (or a dev phone) will allow the kernel modules required to 
> tether the phone and applications are available on the market.
> The camera leaves a lot to be desired.  It is also the feature I care 
> the least about.
> A spiffy little trackball makes up for those times you're trying to 
> click on something small, surrounded by other small somethings using 
> the touchscreen.
>> Trying to find firm pricing for the developer version but don't have 
>> a android market place login and don't wish to pay $US25 to join just 
>> to get a price.
> Last I heard, it was around the 350USD mark.  The price should be 
> available before you join.
>> Jeff.
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