[clug] Android developer phones?

Ben Coughlan ben.coughlan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 05:48:51 GMT 2009

On 09/04/2009, at 3:23 PM, jm wrote:

> Starting to look seriously at getting a Andriod based phone, but  
> prefer to see one in the flesh first. Anyone with an Andriod based  
> phone going to tonight's psig talk?
> To any andriod based phone owners in general:
> * Where did you buy your phone from?

Optus shop in Woden.  I think Telstra has just started to offer it as  
> * Is it the Dev version?

No.  The only difference I'm aware of, is that the dev version allows  
root access to the OS.  People have been able to jailbreak non dev  
> * Had any problems with it?

Not so much.  It has crashed and rebooted on me once.  Still beats my  
old Nokia E65.
> * How much did it end up costing you (in AUD please)?

on contract for 24 months on a $59 cap + handset repayments of  
$13.64.  I don't think you can buy it outright (unless you get a dev  
> * Over all impression?

I'm pretty happy with it.  Touch screen and menu navigation is very  
responsive.  It does require a gmail account to link with.  The  
battery life can be iffy.  It charges completely in about 2 hours, but  
that will only last about 24 hours.  Of course turning off things like  
wifi and GPS make a very large difference, as does your frequency of  
use, web browsing etc.  I personally love having SSH capabilities on  
my phone :)
> * Anything else?

Developing applications for it is interesting.  I haven't done much  
with other mobile platforms, but it is certainly easy and logical.   
The SDK allows for very easy interaction with the device itself.

It does not support tethering!  I always used my old phone as a modem  
for my laptop, unfortunately google is still figuring out where they  
stand in terms of the telcos terms and conditions.  Jail breaking the  
phone (or a dev phone) will allow the kernel modules required to  
tether the phone and applications are available on the market.

The camera leaves a lot to be desired.  It is also the feature I care  
the least about.

A spiffy little trackball makes up for those times you're trying to  
click on something small, surrounded by other small somethings using  
the touchscreen.
> Trying to find firm pricing for the developer version but don't have  
> a android market place login and don't wish to pay $US25 to join  
> just to get a price.
Last I heard, it was around the 350USD mark.  The price should be  
available before you join.

> Jeff.
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