[clug] Light entertainment for this morning (NBN)

Craig Small csmall at enc.com.au
Thu Apr 9 04:07:20 GMT 2009

On Thu, Apr 09, 2009 at 10:09:19AM +1000, Stephen wrote:
> it was a $4.7 billion figure at the election). It should be being dealt  
> with a private collection of companies, because when they privatise it,  
> we all know that whoever owns it is just going to be a new Telstra :/
If they stuff it up as amazingly as the last government, you're right
and we will have another Telstra.

If they do what they have been saying and this thing becomes a
wholesale-only company (like pretty much every industry expert said
Telstra, or parts of it, should of been way back when they were selling it 
off) then a lot of the problems we have now won't repeat themselves.

>> The man is a professional troll (I can't believe he's really that ignorant
>> and stupid - he must be doing it for the page views/letters to the editor)
I agree, noone could be that stupid. A professional troll sums up Piers

 - Craig
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