[clug] Light entertainment for this morning (NBN)

Nathan O'Sullivan nathan at mammoth.com.au
Thu Apr 9 01:17:12 GMT 2009

On Thu, 2009-04-09 at 10:09 +1000, Stephen wrote:
> That article is dead on though 
> (http://www.zdnet.com.au/news/communications/soa/Labor-unveils-AU-4-7-billion-broadband-plan/0,130061791,339274391,00.htm 
> it was a $4.7 billion figure at the election). 

Unless I've misunderstood the announcement, the total cost is $43billion
with the govt still contributing $4.7billion. The rest is supposed to
come from private investors.

> It should be being dealt 
> with a private collection of companies, because when they privatise it, 
> we all know that whoever owns it is just going to be a new Telstra :/

The problem with Telstra is the combination of a wholesale monopoly
along side retail services in the one company. The plan from what I can
see, acknowledges this by making sure the new company is wholesale-only.


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