[clug] Are these Apps that good?

grail at velocitynet.com.au grail at velocitynet.com.au
Thu Apr 9 00:31:36 GMT 2009

> MultiTail is ... pointless, as far as I can tell, because "I need to
> watch multiple logfiles routinely" is better translated to "I have no
> effective monitoring of my logfiles, so need to peep in them often."

Using mtail means that multiple logfiles are progressing up the screen at
the time things are happening, giving you a much more immediate
interpretation of which events are concurrent.

Tools like mtail are very useful when debugging the interaction of
multiple systems, so you can see the HTTP requests reported alongside the
SQL queries and log messages generated by your application in response to
the requests, and even the HTTP responses going out to the client.

This saves you the work of opening up multiple log files side by side and
attempting to do the temporal correlation manually.

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